Frequently Asked questions:-

I want to do my MBA from India’s top B-School. But why should I focus only on the IIMs?

IIMs are without a shadow of doubt India’s premier institutes. They are far beyond all other B-schools with respect to infrastructure, placements faculty and learning environment. But, everyone can’t go there, and the number of people taking the CAT each year is only increasing, hence it is extremely important to also apply to other B-schools in the Top 10-15 if it is an MBA you want.

What extra do I need to put in?

Cracking entrances is all about getting your basics right. Apart from that, practicing exercises like speed-reading and random Math’s calculations can also help you. Do eclectic reading like the editorials of a newspaper, practice formulae and you will be playing a totally different ball game.

Will I get financial aid for my education?

Most B-schools do not offer financial aid. IIMs are the only B-schools that have a policy of not denying and deserving candidate admission due to lack of funds. However, it is still easy to get financial aid for doing MBA, especially if you are going to any of the top ten B-schools. Banks are willing to give student loans to aspiring MBAs and you have to repay these only after you start working. Considering that you will be going to a top B-school, finding a high paying job should not be difficult at all.

I’m interested in a pursuing an MBA degree but at 35am, concerned that I’m too old for many schools to consider.

Well, you are never too old to study so your age shouldn’t stop you from pursuing an MBA. The only question you need to ask yourself is, do you need a full-time MBA or will a part-time program fulfill your need.

I have a low CAT score. What other factors can I use to impress admissions committees?

. If you have work experience, make sure you make good use of that. If not, be sure you are through with the subjects you studied in college. Remember, if you have made it to Round 2 inspite of your low CAT score, you stand an even chance of final selection. Be confident; be clear of what you want. Be honest and best of luck.

What are the facilities that you provide apart from the regular classes for CAT?

We provide you ……
(i)The complete study material comprising of books on Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, English, Computer and General Awareness along with Current Affairs.
(ii) Topic wise Test, Section wise Test, Mock test (CAT/CMAT/MAT) according to latest pattern.


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